Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Share The Love!

It's not fun to watch the news.  It's not fun to learn of hardship.  It's agonizing to realize that people around us are hurting.

It's not always a matter of choice.  It's not always a matter of circumstance.  Sometimes, it just is.

Everyone is fighting a battle.  Everyone's battle is their own.  Together, it is important to recognize that we are a part of a larger community.  If it's not our job to help those around us, then whose job is it?

It's not easy to put yourself out there.  To help.  It's hard to approach a stranger when the response may be rejection or a cold shoulder.  It's hard to approach someone close to you because you may alter a relationship that is cherished.

It's not easy.  But if not us, then who?

For the little things that make a huge difference, I say share.  This simple tear-off flyer is a way to tell the world that someone is listening.  Somebody cares.  Somebody wishes their day to better.  Because we're in this together.

1. Print
2. Cut
3. Hang
4. Share

Plaster, plaster, PLASTER!  Share a smile.  Share a hug.  Share confidence.

For those battles that we fight alone, let someone know you are on their side.

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