Monday, December 3, 2012

The Left Coast.

Craig, myself and my in-laws enjoyed a trip to LA over Thanksgiving break. I must admit that while I was looking forward to the trip, I am an East Coast girl.  Since the summer that I was 5 years old and I spent 2 months just outside of New York City with my aunt, uncle and cousins, I have loved smell of the Atlantic.  I knew I would enjoy California, I just knew I wouldn't enjoy it as much as the East Coast.

I was so wrong.

At every turn there was a new adventure.  We didn't exactly plan out every our day, but the pieces fell perfectly into place.  We arrived mid-day Thanksgiving and decided to go straight to the beach.  That was pretty surreal on a day that usually represents the first day of the ski season.

Most of our time was spent walking the pier.  We enjoyed fish and chips while the rest of the country dined on turkey and  played skee ball in lieu of watching football.

Let's just say that we were thankful for the awesome magnet we were able to take home after redeeming 300 tickets.  I hate to brag, but it only cost us $10.

The next day, we had a fantastic time at the LA Zoo, but the highlight of the day came at sundown.  There is a free observatory at the top of the city, overlooking the Hollywood sign and downtown LA.  The Griffith Observatory is home to the best refracting telescope in the United States.  We waited in line for an hour to see the moon for 30 seconds and it was so worth it.  What a treat it was!

The next day, we continued our space theme.   Craig's parents grew up during the space race.  With the Space Shuttle Endeavour as a recent addition to the California Science Center, we had to make the stop.  Craig's parents actually saw the last shuttle launch of Endeavour.  It holds a special place in their hearts.

It was breathtaking.  I truly had to catch my breath as I walked in the room and looked history in the face.  As my father in law said, it felt like looking at a bird in a cage.  It's so strange to know that such a magnificent piece of innovation has had it's wings clipped.

That evening, we finally enjoyed the activity that we flew to LA for:  We saw the Book of Mormon.  It was written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone - the creators of South Park and Craig's all-time favorites.  Who knew I could enjoy a musical with my very willing husband.  

All in all, we loved our trip.  I'm sure that we will head back sometime soon.  California may just hold a candle to the East coast. 

Thank you LA for the fantastic trip.  We felt truly thankful for all of our fantastic experiences.  

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