Sunday, December 23, 2012

DIY: Pom Pom Wrapping

It's almost Christmas!  Can you feel it in your bones?  I love giving but mostly, I love wrapping.  I have included this fun tutorial for an alternative to ribbons and bows.  Using yarn can be cost effective and feel quite seasonal.  

Here is what we are making:  Pom Pom Gift Wrapping

It looks like a pom pom at the top of a winter hat, right?

Here are the very simple instructions:

Step one:  Start with the wrapping of your choice.  I chose heavy packaging paper because I love the old flair.  Feel free to use whatever you would like.  Just make sure to have crease those corners. 

Step two:  Wrap your desired amount of yarn around the package.  I like to do five or six layers so that the pom pom can be fastened securely on the box.  

Step three:  Wrap the same yarn around your hand about 15 to 20 times.

Step four:  Take the wrapped yarn and place it on top of the intersection of yarn.  With another piece of yarn, tie it securely, centering the spool.  

Step five:  Once the spool is fastened securely at the intersection of the yarn, use a sharp pair of scissors and cut.  You'll have a poof in every direction.  

Step six:  Fluff it up. find a place under the tree and give a gift to someone you love.

From, I wish you the merriest of holidays.

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  1. So cute! I have yarn in my basement, I think I'll try this on my Yankee swap gift to make it a more appealing choice amongst the pile.