Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bundled Up and Beautiful

I love to take photos.  I enjoy snapping photos of friends and friends of friends, but it's a small operation.  As of now, I don't order prints.  I simply edit and burn.  It's easy. I'm happy.  My clients are happy.

I can't however, just hand over a disc.  I love taking pictures.  They are my passion and the reflection of the people in my life.  So, I just had to do up a CD sleeve to deliver photos in style.

Are you ready for this fun tutorial?

First, take an 8.5" x 10" piece of paper.  Place the CD in the middle page width-wise with half of the CD on
the paper and the other half off as seen below.  I chose to use packing paper.  You could easily replicate this sleeve with anything from a paper grocery bag to scrap booking paper.

Next, fold the CD towards the remainder of the paper and crease it along the bottom of the disc.  Fold the rest of the paper over the top of the CD, creasing it along the top.

Now, you'll need to dress it up. I chose the following:  An 1960's map of Alberta Canada and brown paper raffia.

Cut a 2" sleeve and wrap the CD in the middle of the square.  Tape it in the back and tie a sweet bow around the sleeve.  Top it off with a lovely tag.

Now that I think of it... I should send a disc or two to family with photos form our trip to California.  Did you see our awesome trip to Cali?!

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