Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Big Reveal

So, that Halloween costume reveal that I promised yesterday?  I'm ready to deliver.

Imagine if you will, walking up to the door of strangers. 

Do they to scream in terror at the guts and fake blood you have carefully crafted? 

Do they Ohh and Aww at your creative get-up? 

Or do they exclaim with delight, "I JUST WON $10,000,000!!!"?

We went for the latter. 

Prize patrol anyone?  Who knew we could get a two-fer out of that hairstyle?!

I was behind the camera all night, but I accompanied this fine looking fella in my pajamas and hair rollers.  As people would open the door, I would start jumping up and down as if I had just won.  Craig would reach out and shake my hand.  You can imagine, can't you?  It was so funny.

And now, for the main event...

Do you want to hear something funny?  I thought that at the end of an evening, trick-or-treating with an 18 month old and three year old that I would want to edit photos and post a blog that same night...

Is it totally obvious that I am not a parent?

Let's be positive though.  The kids had a great time, they only had one piece of candy, they were fed a healthy dinner and were in bed by 8:30.  Not so bad, eh?  Minus the fact that today, the day after Halloween, I feel like a zombie. 

For the record, the kids didn't get our costumes at all. They thought we were pretty close to crazy.

So... Photos of the kiddos you ask?

Here they are!

I felt very safe with these muscles following me.  


This guy wouldn't slow down.  He was not as amused with trick-or-treat as he was with doing karate moves in the leaves.  Here he is, strapped down in the car seat -- the only place that he was calm enough to capture.


And PS... You know I am helping myself to some Reese's Pieces from this little one's bucket. 

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