Monday, November 12, 2012

A Match Made In Heaven

Do you want to know what makes this tolerable?

Minus the wonderful skiing we are about to enjoy, my only solution to a cold winter day is this:

Delicious tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons.  I can see the heavens opening and hear the angels singing when this bowl of goodness is placed before me.

**Quick side note:  My cooking talents are inherited from my mom.  Hence the absolute difficulty of this dish.  As a kid my mom used to make us grilled cheese.  We may have been a distraction or the heat on the stove may have been faulty, but every. single. time., the sandwiches would be burnt.  We would just use a butter knife to scrape off the charred remains.  It makes for a messy counter top.  But because this was my experience, I honestly thought that the scraping was part of the 'directions' for making a grilled cheese until I was about 15.  Not a quick learner, I know. 

While the rest of the world may not need a tutorial to make this not so rocket science dish, here are my couple of tricks to make this hearty meal just a smidge better.

Tip number 1:  Pesto!  Don't accept the contents of the can.  You can even cut up some lovely basil to top this one off.

Tip number 2:  Before you make your grilled cheese croutons, flatten the bread.  This way you'll get an extra bit of texture with each crunchy bite.

Tip number 3:  Cut those cheesy squares into tiny pieces.  You'll want to have enough for each bite.

Tip number 4:  Garnish, garnish, Garnish!  My favorite add-ons are chopped basil, sour cream and pine nuts.  Oh. So. Good.

Tip number 5:  Eat with someone you love.  Warm your belly and your heart.

Keep warm!

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