Wednesday, October 10, 2012

33 Going on 13

You simply can't buy this.  You can't buy the love of a good man. 

Meet my husband, Craig.  Together we love hard, laugh often and consume one another's company like a county fair watermelon champion.  He's passionate.  He's charismatic.  He cares deeply about the world around him.  I'm lucky to call him mine.

Craig is an engineer.  His mind operates as a liniar function.  He is process oriented though he speaks his wonky language with a light cadence.

Case in point:  I went to visit my always curious husband at work a few weeks ago to find this.

If you pan out, you'll see this robotic cursive writing is attached to his candy dispenser.  These costco-purchased, systematically-sorted, carefully poured m&m's are one of the many reasons I adore him. 

He simply can't help his inquisitive nature. Craig doesn't grow old. 

As I retrived my candy-coated goodness, he inquired with a glint in his eye, "baby, did you get a green?  I am waiting for the first person to get a green". 

I felt like I was about to be the millionth customer at the local grocery store, waiting for the confetti to fall. 

I didn't get a green.

What I did get is a man who goes into his office everyday, attacking his work with raw passion.  He truly loves being an Engineer.  He's proud to make a difference in our community.  He knows that water quality is important.  Just ask him about it...  he'll talk your ear off.

I'm lucky.  He works hard.  He works hard for us. 

Thank you for your passion and work ethic Craig.  You make *most everyday an uncharted adventure. 

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