Friday, October 26, 2012

We're Having a boy!

Two boys to be exact.  And for those of you in internet-land that are wondering why we kept such important news from the world....

We really didn't think you wanted to hear that we'll be babysitting next week.  Were we wrong?

Supermom (aka: Carla) has us prepped and ready to go.  Today I stopped by their house to grab a suitcase and a box full of all the little things that keep a one year old and three year old dressed, bathed and fed. 

We'll take the bottom omen: Two smiling faces over the "here comes trouble" pajamas.

We couldn't be more excited.  First, we'll have kids to entertain on Halloween.  Hello!  Best day of the year to have kids!  Please know that while we will be very responsible with our trick-or-treating, Craig and I will be collecting candy.  And there will be a LOT -- I'm telling you, these kids are CUTE!  They will be superheros -- Batman and Captain America.  We'll be super responsible?  Super babysitters?  Super sugared up?  Regardless, we'll have a super good time.

More than Halloween however, we couldn't be more honored.  It is one thing to have friends that you spend an evening playing poker or watching a movie with.  It is another thing to be trusted with their children.  Our home is hardly geared towards a kid's taste, but the bed has been meticulously made, the pillows fluffed and the pinterest board is filled with activities for these active minds.

Carla and Dustin - we are excited to watch your kiddos.  We truly love them.  But more than that, we are honored.  Thank you for your trust and your friendship.  We will treat Eleven and Chev as if they were our own.

 Everything is put away, lined up and ready to go.

Felices viajes!  Los amamos!  We have everything we need.  Please enjoy the Caribbean. 

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