Friday, November 2, 2012

Take Two

I started blogging because I needed balance in my life.  I am currently working on my doctorate where technical writing is a constant.  It is mind numbing.  Blogging allows me to have a creative outlet which I am really enjoying.  I hope you're enjoying it too.

Blogging also has 2 other perks that I love. 

First, it's nice to be constantly reminded of how grateful I am.  Taking the time to type about my day or what I am dreaming about is fun.  I realize that my problems are few.  I am lucky.

Second, blogging allows me to be reflective.  Case in point: 

On Monday, I posted this photo.

If you are dying to make a pair of those antlers yourself, head right on over here.

As you can see, I doctored up the photo a bit to make the walls look busy.  The text was supposed to distract you from nakedness.  Did it work?  Seeing it on my blog however, I knew I had to do something about it.  The window was driving me crazy!  Are you ready for the reveal?

Drum roll......

How about that chalkboard, eh?!  That is the future project that I was eluding to. 

Quick story:  I went to an auction about 3 months ago.  They were selling all sorts of old school equipment including a beautiful old card catalogue.  Remember those beautiful old drawers and hardware?  To die for!  But not to bid for...  at least not to bid as much as everyone else was willing to.  I was so bummed to leave without the item I came for, but I picked up this amazing score for a single dollar.  It didn't fit in my car though... and it weighs about 70lbs.  So we had to balance it on top of the car for the drive home.  I love it!

I bought the curtains at World Market.  My FAVORITE store.  They are simple, but I couldn't find anything that was loud and appropriate.  So I just dolled these up.  If you like the garland, there is a great tutorial at Ashley Ann Photography.  Do you read this blog?  It is wonderful!  Here is a close up of my finished product.

I cannot get enough color. 

Table centerpiece.

And a note from a friend.  Catherine... Can you confirm that this was your husband?  We didn't see it until today, but were so excited when we did.

Two dining room walls down, two to go. 

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