Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweet Summer Snow

Not good friends.  No.  Great friends. 

You can't help but smile when you think of them.  The one's who you own the world with.  The kind of friends who are hundreds of miles away and are able to reach right into your soul, making your heartbeat visible from the inside out.   This type of friendship is special.

We are lucky.  We have so many wonderful people in our lives that fit this mold.  From Boston to Belfast and Africa to Zurich -- this world simply wouldn't turn without the people that we are lucky to call our friends.

It was rainy in Idaho today.  The rain mixed with sleet and then the snow fell.  Even the most expensive coat cannot block the chill in the air during the season's first snow.  Friendship however, is like a rich hot chocolate; warming from the inside out.   

Today, a surprise from some wonderful people that we are lucky to call our friends landed unassumingly on our door step.

I couldn't wait for Craig.  I opened it immediately.

The ribbon hinting of a thoughtful surprise.

And then, the anxious reveal: 

While this simple doormat may mean little to the rest of the world, to us, this is a conversation remembered.  This is a thoughtful token of sweet summer memories.  This represents the thud of a diving board with little spring, the lapping of Atlantic waves and the charming sites of a summer retreat.

Today, we celebrate the first snow with a very warm place in our hearts.  Thank you K, K, M & I.  You made our day so very special.   

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  1. Ok - made my day. We love you guys! K!K,M,I & G