Sunday, October 28, 2012

No Animals Were Harmed In The Writing Of This Post

People don't tend to ask me to help them decorate their home.  Especially if they have been to mine.  Our walls are a collection of colors, cultures, photos and funk.  I love a full, hearty wall.  That's why the empty space in our dining room has got to go.

I find inspiration for these random projects most everywhere.  Today is a combination of living in the mountain west, an idea I found on Pinterest and my always creative cousins Tara and Dee.  They won't quite know how they inspired this pop-cabin-quirk until a later blog post, but for now visit their awesomeness here and here

Today, we craft.  Enter these products.  Pretty unassuming, right?

A craft store here in town is going out of business.  It is sad to have one less option for a late night supply run, but alas, the owners are retiring.  That means this pile of goodies... the ones I didn't have already, cost me a whoppin' $4. 

Folks, we're making this. the Orange rack of awesome in the upper right:

You'll need the following:
  • a hot glue gun
  • brown fabric or a sheet of leather
  • colors that you love (our scheme for this project is bright)
  • a hammer
  • a few small nails
  • a fun-shaped wooden backboard
  • a couple small blocks
  • twigs/tree branches
There is no need for dimensions for this project.  Let your imagination run wild.  Fill the space you have with what you are able to collect.

Step 1:  Do not tell your husband that you are doing this.  It's not super manly and personally, I don't know if he is going to like it.  But... rush through these steps quickly.  The last step is to hang your creation permanently on the wall before said spouse returns from the ski swap.  (I love you Craig!)

Step 2:  It's spray painting time.  I used these great colors to spray the backboards and the blocks.  As it turns out, the blocks weren't really in need of color.  But, if you feel the need to pull that colorful trigger... fire away.  Not pictured here is the painting of the sticks.  That was a last-minute decision.  Save yourself the hassle and paint before they are affixed.

Step 3:  Let the paint dry.  This isn't really an instruction but a note to myself.  Seriously Teresa... patience!  But like I said... the ski swap won't last all night!

Step 4:  Use hot glue and affix the blocks together if you plan to do a large rack.  If you plan on doing a small rack, I suggest just using a single block.

Step 5:  Wrap the blocks in brown fabric or leather.  I would have done leather, but I didn't have anything on hand and -- say it with me -- the ski swap won't last all night people!  Seal the edges with hot glue.

Step 6:  Glue the wrapped blocks to the backboard. 

Step 7:  Cut the twigs/branches/sticks/whateveryoucallthemforyourproject at an angle.  This way you have a larger surface to attach to the blocks and you have a seamless seal. 

Step 8:  Glue the twigs to the fabric-covered blocks.  Once they feel secure, put a nail through them.  I want these to last forever folks.

Step 9:  Take a step back, look at the finished product and decide that you want to paint the twigs yellow...  Oh wait.  Hopefully you did that in step 2.  I just had to make these things POP.

Step 10:  Hang the racks.  Clean the floor.  Put away your husband's hammer and swear the bright pink spray paint smudge of your fingerprint on the handle is in fact, not yours.

Step 11:  Make husband dinner.  Maybe a RACK of lamb.  Or baby RACK ribs.  Or just run to McDonald's for a big RAC...  Alright.  Not funny.  Or a little funny?   I want these to stay on the wall.  That's all.

And here it is.  The finished product. 

One wall down and two to go.  Upstairs that is.  It's about to get real.

**But, through the use of internet magic...  here is the finished product with those walls covered and the new project revealed.