Thursday, October 18, 2012

Laying Low

It's that time.  You can feel it in your bones. 

The time when it takes every ounce of courage to raise your hands to your shoulders, grab on to all 600 threads and rip off the bandaid of goosedown goodness.  The moment when you contemplate pressing snooze for all eternity in hopes the cold bite of autumn never gets a taste. 

For now, we're homebound. We are cozy inside our little nest. We're surrounded by the things that define our space. We're reminded of the travels we've been lucky to have. 

We hear the sounds that made us fall in love and continue to make our feet move to tempo.

We have a space to waste our Sundays away, watching the minutes of our weekend tick away by the

 We have small, happy pieces that remind us how very lucky we are.

For now, we crunch the frozen leaves on our way out the door in the morning and mop up the soggy leaves as we rush home afterwork, excited to be together.  In our space. 

Happy fall to all. 

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