Thursday, October 25, 2012

For the love of Michael Jordan

Craig and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary in July.  The 24th to be exact.  I have to say that because on our first anniversary, I shot out of the gates early.  On the 23rd, I sweetly awoke my price charming with kiss and a wish for a wonderful day.  I told him how much he means to me and how very lucky I am to call him my husband.  I reminded him of how handsome he looked as we greeted one another just 365 days ago (364 days was the actual count for those paying attention) and how growing old with him was the only item on my life's agenda.

My sweet husband rolled over and said, "babe, today is the 23rd.  Michael Jordan's number is 23.  I would remember our anniversary if it was on the 23rd -- but it's actually tomorrow". 

Oh.  Well then.  Remembering that story makes me feel a lot less guilty about what I am going to write...

I'm cheap.  Really cheap.  Thrifty perhaps?  But sentimental.  We'll get back to that...

Pinterest rolled around shortly after we got married.  For those that live under large slabs of cement and are unfamiliar with the website, it is a place to share and gain creative ideas for the home, kids, crafts and beyond.  One day, while wasting countless hours perusing through the sight, I happened upon a wonderful idea:

Every anniversary, Craig and I take a photo.  In that photo, we are holding the picture we took exactly 365 days before.  For our one year anniversary, we took a photo on.... all together now.... July 24th while holding a picture from our wedding day.  This year, on...  July 24th, we took a photo of ourselves, holding our photo from last year, holding our photo from our wedding.  You get the idea.  It's a picture in a picture in a picture for the countless years we are married. 

Here is our most recent photo.

I love this tradition.  It reminds me of the day that Craig put the most beautiful, sparkling ring on my left ring finger (he really put it on the right hand, but that is another story entirely).  When light struck the rock, the world illuminated... though I was glowing even brighter than the prisms of my diamond.  My  world,  and just as important, my ring, was perfect.  Over the years however, the band has had an occasional scratch from our countless adventures.  The diamonds need a good cleaning now and again and the complements grow fewer as the ring sparkles less. 

Our photo tradition is similar:  Just as I relished the days of my new bling, I Cherish these photos.  For now, our wrinkles are few, our hair has no lack of color and our love is still very new.  We can easily recount the moment that we took each photo, three as of now, and how excited we were to be celebrating one another.  We can see the expressions on each face of each year as we raced to the designated position, trying desperately to beat the camera's self timer. 

We are in love.  Very much in love.

Now, why am I cheap?  I refuse the pay the $69.00 plus shipping for a regular price wrapped canvas.  However, each year, runs a $15.00 October special for an 11x14... the exact size that fits within our wall of B's.  Year one, I was devastated to be out of the gates a day early; year two, October sounds like a perfect time to post a photo.

But let's be serious... do I really need a "special day" to tell my husband how much I adore him?  No.

**Disclaimer:  That was my reply to the Michael Jordan comment.

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