Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And the winner for the most obsure costume ever goes to....

Happy Halloween!  I promise you, the costume that Craig and I have for tonight is beyond funny... but to tide you over until this fine evening, here is a picture of Craig's work costume.  Apparently, his office has never considered regulating the length of shorts that men can wear.

Those white legs mean that Craig doesn't have to wear reflectors to go trick-or-treating.

Craig is Basketball great, John "the cat" Thompson.

Oh wait?  You've never heard of him?

That's strange....  Nobody has!

John was the Point Guard for the 1929 National Championship Montana State Bobcat Basketball team.

Craig even went as far as to shave his face look like the respectable early-century college student.  Want to know more?  I can hear you screaming "NO" from this side of my computer.  But...  here it is:

John Ashworth "Cat" Thompson was an American basketball player. He won the Utah state championship with Dixie High School team and finished second in the High School National Tournament in 1925. In college, he played for 3 seasons for Montana State, during which time his team had a record of 102-11. In 1929 he won the Helms Foundation Player of the Year award and his team won Helms National Championship . He averaged 15.4 points per game when the average team scored 40 points per game. He was named All-America in 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930. He scored 1,539 points in 100 career college games he played. He was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1962.  ( From:

That's right ladies... the 21st century version is all mine!

Until the next post, I wish you more treats than tricks!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

No Animals Were Harmed In The Writing Of This Post

People don't tend to ask me to help them decorate their home.  Especially if they have been to mine.  Our walls are a collection of colors, cultures, photos and funk.  I love a full, hearty wall.  That's why the empty space in our dining room has got to go.

I find inspiration for these random projects most everywhere.  Today is a combination of living in the mountain west, an idea I found on Pinterest and my always creative cousins Tara and Dee.  They won't quite know how they inspired this pop-cabin-quirk until a later blog post, but for now visit their awesomeness here and here

Today, we craft.  Enter these products.  Pretty unassuming, right?

A craft store here in town is going out of business.  It is sad to have one less option for a late night supply run, but alas, the owners are retiring.  That means this pile of goodies... the ones I didn't have already, cost me a whoppin' $4. 

Folks, we're making this. the Orange rack of awesome in the upper right:

You'll need the following:
  • a hot glue gun
  • brown fabric or a sheet of leather
  • colors that you love (our scheme for this project is bright)
  • a hammer
  • a few small nails
  • a fun-shaped wooden backboard
  • a couple small blocks
  • twigs/tree branches
There is no need for dimensions for this project.  Let your imagination run wild.  Fill the space you have with what you are able to collect.

Step 1:  Do not tell your husband that you are doing this.  It's not super manly and personally, I don't know if he is going to like it.  But... rush through these steps quickly.  The last step is to hang your creation permanently on the wall before said spouse returns from the ski swap.  (I love you Craig!)

Step 2:  It's spray painting time.  I used these great colors to spray the backboards and the blocks.  As it turns out, the blocks weren't really in need of color.  But, if you feel the need to pull that colorful trigger... fire away.  Not pictured here is the painting of the sticks.  That was a last-minute decision.  Save yourself the hassle and paint before they are affixed.

Step 3:  Let the paint dry.  This isn't really an instruction but a note to myself.  Seriously Teresa... patience!  But like I said... the ski swap won't last all night!

Step 4:  Use hot glue and affix the blocks together if you plan to do a large rack.  If you plan on doing a small rack, I suggest just using a single block.

Step 5:  Wrap the blocks in brown fabric or leather.  I would have done leather, but I didn't have anything on hand and -- say it with me -- the ski swap won't last all night people!  Seal the edges with hot glue.

Step 6:  Glue the wrapped blocks to the backboard. 

Step 7:  Cut the twigs/branches/sticks/whateveryoucallthemforyourproject at an angle.  This way you have a larger surface to attach to the blocks and you have a seamless seal. 

Step 8:  Glue the twigs to the fabric-covered blocks.  Once they feel secure, put a nail through them.  I want these to last forever folks.

Step 9:  Take a step back, look at the finished product and decide that you want to paint the twigs yellow...  Oh wait.  Hopefully you did that in step 2.  I just had to make these things POP.

Step 10:  Hang the racks.  Clean the floor.  Put away your husband's hammer and swear the bright pink spray paint smudge of your fingerprint on the handle is in fact, not yours.

Step 11:  Make husband dinner.  Maybe a RACK of lamb.  Or baby RACK ribs.  Or just run to McDonald's for a big RAC...  Alright.  Not funny.  Or a little funny?   I want these to stay on the wall.  That's all.

And here it is.  The finished product. 

One wall down and two to go.  Upstairs that is.  It's about to get real.

**But, through the use of internet magic...  here is the finished product with those walls covered and the new project revealed.

Friday, October 26, 2012

We're Having a boy!

Two boys to be exact.  And for those of you in internet-land that are wondering why we kept such important news from the world....

We really didn't think you wanted to hear that we'll be babysitting next week.  Were we wrong?

Supermom (aka: Carla) has us prepped and ready to go.  Today I stopped by their house to grab a suitcase and a box full of all the little things that keep a one year old and three year old dressed, bathed and fed. 

We'll take the bottom omen: Two smiling faces over the "here comes trouble" pajamas.

We couldn't be more excited.  First, we'll have kids to entertain on Halloween.  Hello!  Best day of the year to have kids!  Please know that while we will be very responsible with our trick-or-treating, Craig and I will be collecting candy.  And there will be a LOT -- I'm telling you, these kids are CUTE!  They will be superheros -- Batman and Captain America.  We'll be super responsible?  Super babysitters?  Super sugared up?  Regardless, we'll have a super good time.

More than Halloween however, we couldn't be more honored.  It is one thing to have friends that you spend an evening playing poker or watching a movie with.  It is another thing to be trusted with their children.  Our home is hardly geared towards a kid's taste, but the bed has been meticulously made, the pillows fluffed and the pinterest board is filled with activities for these active minds.

Carla and Dustin - we are excited to watch your kiddos.  We truly love them.  But more than that, we are honored.  Thank you for your trust and your friendship.  We will treat Eleven and Chev as if they were our own.

 Everything is put away, lined up and ready to go.

Felices viajes!  Los amamos!  We have everything we need.  Please enjoy the Caribbean. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

For the love of Michael Jordan

Craig and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary in July.  The 24th to be exact.  I have to say that because on our first anniversary, I shot out of the gates early.  On the 23rd, I sweetly awoke my price charming with kiss and a wish for a wonderful day.  I told him how much he means to me and how very lucky I am to call him my husband.  I reminded him of how handsome he looked as we greeted one another just 365 days ago (364 days was the actual count for those paying attention) and how growing old with him was the only item on my life's agenda.

My sweet husband rolled over and said, "babe, today is the 23rd.  Michael Jordan's number is 23.  I would remember our anniversary if it was on the 23rd -- but it's actually tomorrow". 

Oh.  Well then.  Remembering that story makes me feel a lot less guilty about what I am going to write...

I'm cheap.  Really cheap.  Thrifty perhaps?  But sentimental.  We'll get back to that...

Pinterest rolled around shortly after we got married.  For those that live under large slabs of cement and are unfamiliar with the website, it is a place to share and gain creative ideas for the home, kids, crafts and beyond.  One day, while wasting countless hours perusing through the sight, I happened upon a wonderful idea:

Every anniversary, Craig and I take a photo.  In that photo, we are holding the picture we took exactly 365 days before.  For our one year anniversary, we took a photo on.... all together now.... July 24th while holding a picture from our wedding day.  This year, on...  July 24th, we took a photo of ourselves, holding our photo from last year, holding our photo from our wedding.  You get the idea.  It's a picture in a picture in a picture for the countless years we are married. 

Here is our most recent photo.

I love this tradition.  It reminds me of the day that Craig put the most beautiful, sparkling ring on my left ring finger (he really put it on the right hand, but that is another story entirely).  When light struck the rock, the world illuminated... though I was glowing even brighter than the prisms of my diamond.  My  world,  and just as important, my ring, was perfect.  Over the years however, the band has had an occasional scratch from our countless adventures.  The diamonds need a good cleaning now and again and the complements grow fewer as the ring sparkles less. 

Our photo tradition is similar:  Just as I relished the days of my new bling, I Cherish these photos.  For now, our wrinkles are few, our hair has no lack of color and our love is still very new.  We can easily recount the moment that we took each photo, three as of now, and how excited we were to be celebrating one another.  We can see the expressions on each face of each year as we raced to the designated position, trying desperately to beat the camera's self timer. 

We are in love.  Very much in love.

Now, why am I cheap?  I refuse the pay the $69.00 plus shipping for a regular price wrapped canvas.  However, each year, runs a $15.00 October special for an 11x14... the exact size that fits within our wall of B's.  Year one, I was devastated to be out of the gates a day early; year two, October sounds like a perfect time to post a photo.

But let's be serious... do I really need a "special day" to tell my husband how much I adore him?  No.

**Disclaimer:  That was my reply to the Michael Jordan comment.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweet Summer Snow

Not good friends.  No.  Great friends. 

You can't help but smile when you think of them.  The one's who you own the world with.  The kind of friends who are hundreds of miles away and are able to reach right into your soul, making your heartbeat visible from the inside out.   This type of friendship is special.

We are lucky.  We have so many wonderful people in our lives that fit this mold.  From Boston to Belfast and Africa to Zurich -- this world simply wouldn't turn without the people that we are lucky to call our friends.

It was rainy in Idaho today.  The rain mixed with sleet and then the snow fell.  Even the most expensive coat cannot block the chill in the air during the season's first snow.  Friendship however, is like a rich hot chocolate; warming from the inside out.   

Today, a surprise from some wonderful people that we are lucky to call our friends landed unassumingly on our door step.

I couldn't wait for Craig.  I opened it immediately.

The ribbon hinting of a thoughtful surprise.

And then, the anxious reveal: 

While this simple doormat may mean little to the rest of the world, to us, this is a conversation remembered.  This is a thoughtful token of sweet summer memories.  This represents the thud of a diving board with little spring, the lapping of Atlantic waves and the charming sites of a summer retreat.

Today, we celebrate the first snow with a very warm place in our hearts.  Thank you K, K, M & I.  You made our day so very special.   

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Laying Low

It's that time.  You can feel it in your bones. 

The time when it takes every ounce of courage to raise your hands to your shoulders, grab on to all 600 threads and rip off the bandaid of goosedown goodness.  The moment when you contemplate pressing snooze for all eternity in hopes the cold bite of autumn never gets a taste. 

For now, we're homebound. We are cozy inside our little nest. We're surrounded by the things that define our space. We're reminded of the travels we've been lucky to have. 

We hear the sounds that made us fall in love and continue to make our feet move to tempo.

We have a space to waste our Sundays away, watching the minutes of our weekend tick away by the

 We have small, happy pieces that remind us how very lucky we are.

For now, we crunch the frozen leaves on our way out the door in the morning and mop up the soggy leaves as we rush home afterwork, excited to be together.  In our space. 

Happy fall to all. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

33 Going on 13

You simply can't buy this.  You can't buy the love of a good man. 

Meet my husband, Craig.  Together we love hard, laugh often and consume one another's company like a county fair watermelon champion.  He's passionate.  He's charismatic.  He cares deeply about the world around him.  I'm lucky to call him mine.

Craig is an engineer.  His mind operates as a liniar function.  He is process oriented though he speaks his wonky language with a light cadence.

Case in point:  I went to visit my always curious husband at work a few weeks ago to find this.

If you pan out, you'll see this robotic cursive writing is attached to his candy dispenser.  These costco-purchased, systematically-sorted, carefully poured m&m's are one of the many reasons I adore him. 

He simply can't help his inquisitive nature. Craig doesn't grow old. 

As I retrived my candy-coated goodness, he inquired with a glint in his eye, "baby, did you get a green?  I am waiting for the first person to get a green". 

I felt like I was about to be the millionth customer at the local grocery store, waiting for the confetti to fall. 

I didn't get a green.

What I did get is a man who goes into his office everyday, attacking his work with raw passion.  He truly loves being an Engineer.  He's proud to make a difference in our community.  He knows that water quality is important.  Just ask him about it...  he'll talk your ear off.

I'm lucky.  He works hard.  He works hard for us. 

Thank you for your passion and work ethic Craig.  You make *most everyday an uncharted adventure.